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chinese cedar paneling

Chinese Cedar Decking

red cedar decking

Western Red Cedar Decking

chinese cedar fence panels

Chinese Cedar Fencing

redwood decking

Redwood Decking

Redwood Paneling

Redwood Paneling

Redwood Siding

Redwood Siding

Chinese Cedar Paneling

Chinese Cedar Paneling

Western Red Cedar Siding

Western Red Cedar Siding

White Fir Flooring and Paneling

White Fir Flooring & Paneling

Solid Oak Flooring - Red  White

Solid Oak Flooring - Red & White

White Fir (Grand Fir) Wood Flooring

White Fir (Grand Fir) Wood Flooring

White Fir (Grand Fir) T&G Paneling

White Fir (Grand Fir) T&G Paneling

Builder Discounts


  • Redwood timbers to trim 5000 board foot minimum all grades all sizes
  • Red Cedar timbers to trim 5000 board foot minimum all grades all sizes
  • Incense cedar 1x2–1x12 siding and 2x2–2x12 trim patterns available, Grades # 1 stk to # 3 common
  • White fir 1x2–1x12 Siding and 2x2–2x12 trim patterns available, Grades # 1 stk to # 3 common
  • Chinese cedar 1x6 tng and 1x6 fencing, Grades # 1 stk to # 3 common
  • Ponderosa Pine 1x2–1x8 siding and 2x2–2x8 trim, all patterns, Grades # 1 select to # 3 common

Special orders quoted individually by the job. Call Chris Buffalo 877-960-WOOD (877-960-9663) for more product and price information.

Builder Prices

Advance Purchase Opportunities

Save 30 to 50% on select grade products by planning your purchases in advance. Deep discounts are available if you can pay in full up front and wait 8 to 12 weeks for delivery. This opportunity is strongest through the off season when logging mills are trying to decide what to run for the following season.

Buffalo Lumber is offering qualified builders the opportunity to buy with us and take delivery the following season when we do. Builders who take advantage of this opportunity will be buying at an insider prices which will not be available at any other time.

redwood sided home Lake Geneva

Buffalo Lumber Redwood Sided Home - Lake Geneva

Basically we take you shopping with us during the off season. The industry insiders know that the best deals are made when snow is on the ground. We all shop for the next seasons needs in the winter.

cedar sided home Tahe

Buffalo Lumber Cedar Sided Home - Tahoe, Ca.

Builder Network

Buffalo Lumber's Network
National Exposure

Grow your business with Buffalo Lumber. Builders who specialize in Buffalo Lumber products have several opportunities available to them. Inside information as we network with mills across the country. Niche market business opportunities as we discover what is available out there.

National Exposure and Access
Get national exposure when your work is featured online in our builder project showcase. Get access to our national customer request database and get inside information on what people are looking for. Weigh in on products you would like to see Buffalo Lumber carry in the future.

Sales & Marketing Support
We have the same customer base and we are already educating customers about our products on the website. We have a full service sales staff answering the phones and helping customers. Let our Sales and marketing team support yours.

Design the Future
Join our design team as we create floor plans and packages to suit today’s customer. Gain national recognition by lending your expertise to our advice panel. A question and answer forum where industry professionals answer questions and weigh in on the state of the market today.

Tell us what you need
Buffalo Lumber is engaged in building a common sense bridge from supplier to user. We specialize in national distribution and therefore we can carry any product our customers want.

Take advantage of what we know
Buffalo Lumber is conducting full time research on industry advancements and new products. Buffalo Lumber can save money for you and your customers.